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One of the best producers I know. And one of the sweetest ones as well!

Katrina Morgan

Pure unadulterated talent! The likes of which we have seen with Robert Miles, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.

Jeremy Davies

Professional and definitely passionate about his craft🤘

Trevor Thomas

a lesson plan for all aspiring producers

3-Month ideal for all aspiring DJs and music producers eager to quickly gain the basic insight of all industry professionals.

Great for experienced music producers who are either well versed in a different DAW and already have the fundamentals down.

Book up to 3 hours at a time with a quicker and easier way to understand what all those knobs do online or in the studio.

What You Get

14,800+ Pre recorded samples & track

Plus Over 5,000 sound presets designed by myself and other professionals

commitment - free: No expensive software

The only requirement to get started is a decent computer and a basic pair of headphones!

On-Call Support to answer all questions

Serving as your personal music coach personalized to your specific goals, learning style, and experience level.

Plus more


At Your Own Pace.


ideal for all aspiring dj's

Our comprehensive courses cater to beginners and advanced learners. Learn how to produce music at any level with our expert instructor offering 24/7 covering topics like sound design, mixing, and composition and production softwares.


personalized road map to music

Personalized music production services offering a tailored roadmap to your musical aspirations. Unlock your creative potential and gain the skills needed to create exceptional music. Embark on your musical journey today.


presets and samples included

Over 14,800 pre-recorded samples packed with all kinds of instruments and chord progressions, 5,000 sound presets designed by professionals, mixing and mastering tools plus countless Ableton presets and effect chains.

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WE all start somewhere.

I am a certified graduate of Salt Lake DJ & Production of 2 years, achieved viral music, and currently attending Los Angeles Film School. I am skilled in producing almost any genre, but mainly focused on Electronic Dance Music for my personal art project.

My core purpose is not only to help my clients better understand what it takes to become a well-established artist in the music industry but also to help make music production as fun and as simple as possible, much like drawing or painting.

I firmly believe making music is the best way to express ourselves, so my vision is to make the learning curve a little more bearable for everyone.

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